Relationship Problems

Rewarding relationships are crucial to our personal well-being. If you experience relationship difficulties, life can feel like a never ending cycle of disappointments and misunderstandings.

What are Relationship Problems?

Relationship problems refer to difficulties developing and sustaining rewarding relationships with other people. This can lead to loneliness, feeling alienated from others, or repeating cycles of relationship development and breakdown. In extreme cases, such difficulties can also lead to abuse, domestic violence and social isolation.

Relationship problems rarely have a single cause. Rather, they tend to be linked to a number of factors including difficult early life experiences, unhelpful patterns of perceiving and relating to others, and negative beliefs about the intentions of others. Traumatic experiences can also have a profound effect on relationships and how you perceive and experience other people.

Better Therapy for Relationship Problems

At Better Therapy, we recognise that relationship difficulties are complex and so require sophisticated treatments. Given that our clinicians are trained in multiple evidence-based therapies, we are able to integrate a variety of effective approaches to meet your needs. These may include practical and skills-based interventions drawn from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT); exploring and addressing traumas or early life experiences which have contributed to relationship problems, such as in Schema Therapy; and changing problematic patterns of relating to others through Cognitive Analytic Therapy.

In every case, we will be guided by both your own needs and preferences, as well as the latest developments in relevant clinical research.  


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Dr Gabrielle Brady -Consultant Counselling Psychologist, Cognitive Analytic Therapist.

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